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Incubator Program

The CUBE at Midtown

From From Idea to Exit


The NBIA (National Business Incubator Association) defines a business incubator as “…a business support process that accelerates the successful development of start-up and fledgling companies by providing entrepreneurs with an array of targeted resources and services.”


The Incubator Program at the CUBE, includes everything needed for local early stage companies to develop into financially stable, high-growth enterprises by providing the tools, training, and infrastructure that help facilitate smarter, faster growth.


The business incubation process provides emerging enterprises with a strategic path, a wide array of vital business development services and resources, and on-going guidance, motivation and support that are all individually tailored to help take your company to the next level.


When accepted into the Incubator Program, you are assigned a Lead Mentor who will work with you to develop an initial program plan, identify what expertise and resources will bring the most benefit to your company, and coordinate contacts with other mentors, advisors and resources.


Regular education and networking programs also address the shared needs identified amongst incubator clients, building a network of support among like-minded peers in the program and in the community.


How does the CUBE’s business incubator work?

Each Client gets an individually tailored milestone-based program that is designed to accelerate the conquering of their many challenges encapsulated in three broad areas: Human Resources – Capital Resources – and Market Concepts.

Human Resources

The New York Times reported that 80% of all startups fail within the first year. It is often said that a good management team can make a mediocre idea successful but a bad management team can wreck a great idea. The road to success starts with a coachable team that shares the vision and passion and brings additional skills that the founders/inventors may not have. The CUBE helps entrepreneurs find that kind of skilled help.

Capital Resources

Being under capitalized is a commitment to fail. Yet many startups are unaware of how much money they really need and more importantly, what cost is associated with securing that money. We help the entrepreneur quantify how much money they need and when they need it, while instilling an awareness of the investor’s point of view. Professional investors are interested in who is managing their money, how safe is their money, and what is their Return On Investment.


Market Concepts

Does the world really need a better mousetrap? And if it does, who will buy it and why would anyone buy it? Knowing who and where your customers are and how many there are is critical to all aspects of building your product/service and creating a realistic business strategy and plan.


Once you understand your market, your customers, marketing to them is the critical action that differentiates success from another “great” idea. This is often the most difficult challenge startups encounter. We test and retest to ensure the entrepreneur can deliver a clear and concise message. The CUBE’s incubator acts as a nexus for:


  • Best of breed Service Providers in Finance, Legal, Marketing, Management, and Technology;


  • Local angel investors and outside venture funds;


  • Qualified investors to review fundable deals;


  • Knowledgeable workers and innovators.


We bring qualified investors and better quality deals together to minimize investor’s risk and increase quality deal flow through structured events, such as:


  • Business Opportunity Forums: (Investor Presentations)


  • Attract high quality business opportunities


  • Provide access to high quality investors


  • Education Playbook: (What to do and How to do it)

    1. Disciplined approach to success

    2. Access to experts and training


  • Mentoring: (Daily Guidance and Introductions)

    1. Milestone based business development plan


  • Community Involvement: (Networks and Support Infrastructure)

    1. Connect with Nevada Inventors Association, Academic Institutions, Economic Development Agencies, Licensing Executives Society Nevada, Entrepreneur Clubs, and others working towards common goals,

    2. Develop collaborative efforts with other interested investor and entrepreneurial communities in the region and around the Nation, and

    3. Foster a successful and sustainable business model for on-going business development and job creation.


If we succeed at coaching in the three Capital areas and providing access to necessary resources, we have done our job.


The Ewing Kaufmann Foundation suggests that 85% of new businesses that pass through an incubator continue to grow for the next five years.


This is the standard by which we want to be measured; success of the company, growth of new jobs and retention of our brightest young minds